Hermes 2015 Spring Summer Ad Campaign


Hermes launches the Spring Summer 2015 Ad Campaign, the theme is Flaneur Forever.

A few quick note.

The term Flaneur comes from the French masculine noun un Flaneur, which has the basic meanings of ‘stroller’, ‘lounger’, ‘saunterer’ or ‘loafter’. Charles Baudelaire developed a derived meaning of Flaneur – that of ‘a person who walks the city in order to experience’.

And that’s the exact experience you will get out of this ad campaign. Models wearing beautiful jewelries on the streets, in classy outfits and gorgeous shoes. Hermes also introduced new color of the Halzan Bag.

READ: Hermes Halzan Bag

The Halzan Bag in plain white is carried by a model in white dress. It shows that this bag can be carried throughout the day and best used for the upcoming summer season. The Halzan Bag is a multifunctional handbag, it can be changed into a long shopping tote or you can fold it into smaller handbag.

The Hermes Halzan Bag measured 30 x 13 x 10 (L x H x D) cm and priced around $5,000 USD or €3300 euro’s via Hermes boutique.








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Hermes Remix Voyage Wallet


If you’ve a wallet as deep as the Mariana Trench.

And if you think its worth to invest in anything that Hermes produces.

And if you’re all about getting two in one pack.

Then I present to you, the Hermes Remix Voyage Wallet. It’s more than a wallet…

You see…to appreciate Hermes, you need to learn to look into the details. This wallet is made with love and care, the leather is handpicked and only the best of the best has been chosen.

The Hermes Remix Voyage Wallet is made in two pieces – when you open the wallet, there’s another tiny wallet inside. It’s a wallet inside a wallet.

Crafted from calfskin, available in fire evercolor and silver palladium hardware. Measuring 9’ x 4.9’, priced at $2,700 USD via Hermes boutique.

So what do you think? Is it worth the investment?



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Hermes SilkyCity Bag in Tatersale Print


Imagine how you will be carrying the Hermes Silky City Bag down town. The weather is great, it’s a fabulous day. So you walk out of your house in simple tee and jeans. And for a change, you carry the Hermes SilkyCity Bag – a light weighed mini shoulder, smooth and beautiful.

The ideal Spring and Summer Bag

The Hermes SilkyCity is always designed with sophisticated print. This version is made with Tatersale print. You can spot the brand’s iconic symbols – four horses painted in four different colors; grey, light rose, brown and rose.

You will love to know that is made with silk and partly natural barenia calfskin. It’s refined with silver and palladium hardware and it comes with a leather strap that can be adjusted.

And it comes with a little zipped pouch that’s attached to the interior. Use it to carry important essentials or just coins.

Measuring 13 x 13 x 0,5 inches (PM size), priced at $1925 USD via Hermes store.

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Hermes Virevolte Bag


Just like great opportunities in life, it only comes once in a while. Hermes rarely introduces new handbags and when they do, we’re excited.

The brand needs no introduction about its impeccable quality and sophisticated craftsmanship. And they’re famous for holding a waiting list of a waiting list. But here it is, from the Spring Summer 2015 Collection, please meet the Hermes Virevolte Bag.

What is that?

It’s a bag with complex shape, never-seen-before. It’s a bit slouchy but do not get confused as it’s made from leather. This bag holds shape!

The handles are made to sling and it can be adjusted with the buckle anytime you want. It also comes with a shoulder strap to wear on the shoulder.

What’s interesting, is the fastening mechanism on the front, which has been luxuriously designed with natural hunter cowhide. When opened, you can find one large inside pocket and that’s it. But given the dimensions of the bag, it can hold plenty of your essentials.

Made from Swift Calfskin and Clemence Bull Calfskin, this is another piece of art. The back of the bag is embellished with white stitches, is this for decoration purpose?

The size is 29 x 42,5 x 14,5 (L x H x D) in cm, priced at $5850 USD, €3750 euro, £3430 GBP and via Hermes boutique.






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Hermes Flower Soie-Cool Bag


Oh, it’s spring and summer…

I love the feeling and the flowers are popping everywhere. The trees are working hard to get green again, and the bright colors are everywhere.

They say money never sleeps… and I say fashion neither, because it knows how to adjust and create.

Now that’s summer, we’re spotting flowers everywhere (also on handbags). And just to let you know, D&G just released a limited edition flower collection:


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The Many Colors Of Hermes Kelly Long Wallet


Every girl deserves a designer bag… or wallet! And if you just want to own one Hermes Wallet, just one…then you should purchase the best of the best.

So what’s la crème de la crème?

Without a doubt, the Hermes Kelly Long Wallet.

READ: Hermes Kelly Long Wallet Black, Orange and Purple

A wallet to be jealous about, it’s inspired by the iconic Kelly Tote Bag. Made from top quality leather and handled with grace by the fashion brand’s craftsman. The most perfect thing in the world is embellished in the center of this bag… the Kelly Closure with the signature ‘Hermes Paris’.

It’s a life-changing bag… and it makes you sleep deeper when you place it next to your pillow. It’s made with plenty of room to store coins, cards and cash. It’s so to-die-for that it made with a key to unlock the exterior closure. And it also features with another Hermes locker in the interior…that’s attached to the zipper.

The purpose of this post is to show you all the colors that are available. It’s mouth-dropping gorgeous, which color do you like?





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If you’re love blue then take a look at Bleu Paradis.

If you’re love blue then take a look at Bleu Paradis.

Hermès introduced a new blue for this winter season, the evocatively named “Bleu Paradis”. ?Just the name conjures up images of beautiful blue seas and skies and brings back memories of ?lovely warm summers, or perhaps if you’re a fan of winter sports you’ll be reminded of crisp white snow and a clear blue sky. ? Bleu Paradis is close to the gorgeous Turquoise, but not quite as bright and with a little more of a green undertone. It’s a great shade to brighten up darker days but will carry you effortlessly through into spring and on in to summer as well – truly versatile. ?Lilac Blue have available the cutest of all the Kelly bags in this pretty colour, a 25cm in Epsom with Palladium Hardware or if you want the more generously sized Birkin 35cm then we have one of those too. ?Contact us anytime for more information on either of these bags or if you are looking for any other Hermès??bag.

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Hermes Mini Constance Bags

Something special.

We are incredibly fortunate I got our hands on this bag is absolutely fantastic – real rare, in our view, could become a collector’s piece.

Constance has been around since 1959, the day the fantastic evening bag – mini version reduced the fine, especially suitable for the evening. ?This Mini has soft faux doblis Bleu Ocean coupled with “leather Togo” in beautiful deep green Malachite and sets out the main body of the bag, it won’t be here for long so if you are interested or want to have a conversation about anything related to Hermes and then contact or browse our site.

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Don’t you just love this?

 Don’t you just love this?

This is a gorgeous new Special Order bag from Hermes in pretty Rose Confetti with Navy Blue. Rose Confetti is only available in limited quantities or on special orders so it’s a pretty elusive colour and hard to get your hands on. Combined with classic Navy blue it’s the ultimate girly bag and we just love it!

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