The Verbal Battle between Taylor Swift and Kanye West

As we all know, Taylor Swift falls in love with Tom Hiddleston, the famous celebrity couple get the headlines for so many days.


However, now, Swift stay the front page with another man– kanye West. There’s a war of words going on between Taylor Swift and kanye West these days. You must have read news about it. It is going viral and everyone is talking about it. kanye West released a new song “Famous”, with the following words: “For all my Southside niggas that know me best / I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex / I made that bitch famous”. It create sow discontent and a spat. The “friend ship” between Taylor Swift and kanye West sinks.

What’s a friend ship? It’s from a comic.

For instance, if you have a journalist friend and ask them to have a meal together and they respond that they have to finish a news report first, the “friend ship” sinks. Or, when your friend is a teacher and you ask if they want to have a meal today and they reply that they have to finish school reports, the “friend ship” sinks.

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This word war remind me of a song of Swift–MEAN

…You, with your words like knives and swords and weapons that you use against me

You, have knocked me off my feet again, got me feeling like a nothing

Some day, I’ll be big enough so you can’t hit me

And all you’re ever gonna be is mean

why you gotta be so mean?

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Theresa May– fashionable politician

Theresa May ,the second female prime minister for Britain. Just as David Carmeron said:” She is strong, she is competent, she’s more than able to provide the leadership the country is going to need in the years ahead and she will have my full support.” However, what attracts thousands of apolitical girls’ attention is her fashion suits and iconic leopard print point shoes. Obviously, the new prime minister is not only a an iron lay but an fashion icon.

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Gucci Dionysus Shoulder Bag with Metal Chain in Street Style Pictures

Metal chain shoulder bag is the most popular bag style in the world and I think everyone of us has a bag with metal chain in the closet. And Gucci Dionysus Shoulder Bag has been a hot trend in 2015, 2016. The Gucci designers present elegance of women with classic and chic GG print, also present wild and sexy with metallic chain. It’ll give girl character.


$488–30*21*10 CM

$458–28*17*9 CM

Chiara Ferrgni during New York Fashion Week Fall 2016.
Her Gucci Dionysus Supreme Canvas with hand-embroidered appliqués depicting a mouth and lightening bolts.



$236–26*18*7.5 CM



$360–28*17*9 CM



$239–28*17*9 CM



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Top 5 Designer Messenger Bags in Summer 2016

Messenger Bags are the perfect everyday bag especially for girls on the go. You can use it from day to night. Especially in summer days, it’s cute and chic. Carry it on your shoulder or across the body, and you can move easily. You can match it to any outfit, from casual to business wear to date night. Brands such as Chloe, Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Chanel offers their own versions of this chic shoulder bag.

1. Chloe Drew Bag

One of Chloe’s most popular handbags is the Drew Bag. Almost every fashion blogger have been seen carrying this bag. The Drew was first introduced for the brand’s Fall/Winter 2014 Collection. It features a chain strap with a pin lock closure. It comes in different sizes and materials. Prices vary depending on style, a small Chloe Drew Bag in Calfskin retails for $268 (USD) on our online store. Original price is $1,850.00 (USD).

Chloe Drew Bag 1Chloe Drew Bag 2

2. Chanel Coco Curve Bag

The Coco Curve is Chanel’s newest offering from the Pre-Fall 2016 Collection. This pretty and feminine flap bag features the CC logo. It is made of quilted calfskin and plain goatskin. The Chanel Coco Curve Flap Small Bag is priced at $359 (USD) on our online store. Original price is $3,000.00 (USD).

Chanel Coco Curve Bag 1Chanel Coco Curve Bag 2


3. Celine Trotteur Bag

The Trotteur Bag was first introduced in 2014, but was redesigned in 2015 for Celine’s Pre-Fall 2015 Collection. The bag has a minimalist yet classic design. The bag’s flap features a metal buckle in the closure. Prices vary depending on size and materials. The small Celine Trotteur Bag in Calfskin retails for $258 (USD) on our online store. Original price is $2,250.00 (USD).

Celine Trotteur Bag 1Celine Trotteur Bag 2

4. Louis Vuitton Marceau Bag

The Louis Vuitton Marceau Bag was first introduced for the brand’s Fall/Winter 2015 Collection. Made of Taurillon leather, it comes in vibrant colors. It has a sporty and trendy look, making it a chic city bag. It features the LV Twist lock closure at the shoulder straps can be removed, allowing you to carry it as a clutch. Retails for $368 (USD) on our online store. Original price is $4,150.00 (USD).

Louis Vuitton Marceau Bag 1Louis Vuitton Marceau Bag 2

5. Chloe Hudson Bag

Another chic saddle bag from Chloe is the Hudson Bag. This bag also has a bohemian vibe that you would want to use anytime, anywhere. It comes in different styles and materials, and it includes tassels and studs. The bag’s shoulder strap features a knot on it for a more casual touch. The Small Chloe Hudson Bag in leather retails for $278 (USD) on our online store. Original price is $2,150.00 (USD).

Chloe Hudson Bag 1Chloe Hudson Bag 2


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How to Pay When We Order A Fake Designer Handbag Online

As a customer service of online store. Megan receives lots of letters about kinds of questions. Most of customers have questions about payment method. Why is Paypal not ok? Can I pay with my credit card? Should I choose Bank Transfer or Western Union or Money Gram? Bank Transfer & Western Union & Money Gram all charge my transfer fee, how should I do?


All of the following information is based on that you are doing business with an honest seller, not a fraud. Fraud will take your money away without shipping you items:(

It’s much more important to choose an honest seller online than to choose a payment method online:)

Q1.Why is Paypal not ok?

Actually, all the replicas designer handbags sellers online don’t accept Paypal. That’s because fake designer handbag is a special kind of goods. It not only has general properties of normal items, but also has its own special properties. It’s illegal to some extent. Once some people compalined the seller about selling fake goods online, fake seller’s account will be shut down, all the money in the account will be confiscated by Paypal. Unfortunatelly, in most case, seller has shipped the handbags to customers yet, they’ll lose both of goods and money.

Q2.  Can I pay with my credit card?

About Credit Card, please skip to Q3.
Q3. Should I choose Bank Transfer or Western Union or Moeny Gram?
In general, Bank Transfer charges more transfer fee than western union and money gram, and it costs 2-3 days for the bank to transfer the money, except the weekends and holidays. But Bank Transfer is more familiar to most of us, it’s a common payment method in daily life.
Western Union charges different money for transfer online or at the Western Union agent. Paying online cost more transfer fee. Besides that, when we transfer online, we can use Credit Card or Bank Transfer to pay with Western Union. Credit Card costs more fee than Bank Transfer. But, Credit Card takes only 10 minutes to transfer the money while Bank takes 2-3 days. Money Gram is something like Western Union.
PS: When we pay with WU or MG, we should choose”cash pickup at agent location”, and sent it not for commercial use, just send to friend. WU & MG don’t allow to send money for commercial use.
Here’s the steps of how to transfer with WU:
WU step1 WU step2 WU step3 WU step4
Q4.  Bank Transfer & Western Union & Money Gram all charge my transfer fee, how should I do?
Some of the online stores will offer a discount for payment method to cover the transfer fee. So it is not a problem any more:)

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Celebrity-inspired idea for dress style—Emma Watson

When we talk about how ugly ducking becomes a swan, something topic like this, our friend Hermione– Emma Watson, who is famous in both the real and magic world is among the swan-ugly ducking school as well. In last post Celebrity-inspired idea for dress style—Taylor Swift & Emma Watson, we talk about Taylor Swift, it’s Emma’s turn now.11

Here comes young Emma.


Emma grows up. Looks better? Absolutely not yet . We may talk in a strict way, legs is not so long, not so good breasts. Terrible dresses. All of that is equal to a mess.


What attract your attention ? The supernumerary breast or panda eyes makeup?


Undergraduate Emma is trying to be competent and elegant in the college. She impressed every one at her commencement.


Keep the makeup clean and everlasting, wear the simple but tailored dress. We finally pay attention to her exquisite little face. Beauty often takes away rather than adding.


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Celebrity-inspired idea for dress style—Taylor Swift & Emma Watson

Think your daily outfits style is boring or inappropriate? With celebrity-inspired examples, you can learn more how to choose clothes with your name on it and indentify your own dressing style.

Most of us hold such a wrong concept that hot girl is always being attractive, no matter what she wears. In fact, terrible taste on dressing can ruin everybody, even a belle. When it comes to the representative celebrity who grows from a bad dresser to fashion icon , consider Taylor Swift.

How does Taylor Swift looks like now? A successful singer, a hot girl who is shapely and adorable. When she appeared on the fashion show, she attracted fans to scream, thunder overshadowed by graceful Vitoria’s Secret models.23

But, Let’s go back several years ago, what the hell is this look? Aunt Taylor is just killing me. All the elements, from head to toe, are telling a county girl story.45

When you are in fashion world, to be a fashion female. Taylor Swift tried to make a change. But, feel it, road is long come. Dressing cute is not just like a piece of cake.

Twee Taylor, wearing dresses, flower or lace shirts, bows, plastic jewelry that like kid treasures. Do you think it’s ok?67

Taylor and neutral wind. Oh, it’s kind of fashionable. However, sweet girl might not like this style. This power look only last months.


Taylor and retro makeup, retro clothes and retro objects based on the style of the past. She looks amazing. It help her take 20 years off.91011

Now, Taylor is not afraid to show us her sweet smiles, long legs. All of her street pics can be the hot issue on fashion web.

12 13

In above, there is no shortcuts to fashion and beauty. To try, to trial and error, and then it is clear.

… …

Haha, though there is no easy way to go on fashion road, we can learn how to avoid common mistakes in dressing. Then let’s analyze the reasons why Taylor Swift and Emma Watson, yes, Emma Watson, another “before and after” celebrity will appear in next post look not ok …in next post.

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